15 September 2016
Johannesburg, South Africa

With projected investment estimates of around $16 billion into South Africa’s renewable energy sector in coming years from the United States alone, there is no limit to the scope of South Africa’s renewable energy economy. This emerging growth in the green energy sector has seen kW Energy, as a participant and significant contributor to the South African green technology outlook, partnering with leading renewable energy companies globally, to stimulate positive and sustainable growth. With a foundational mandate of responding to South Africa’s adopted strategy to promote renewable energy production in order to supplement current fossil fuel energy production, kW energy has added to its internationally acclaimed partnerships with a distribution deal with Elkor Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1995, Elkor Technologies Inc. researches, develops and manufactures electronics such as power and current monitoring and measurement devices for the energy industry. With the current shift towards energy efficiency globally, productive monitoring and measurement of energy has become a crucially important functionality in both industrial and commercial building.

Elkor’s product range comprises of transformational technologies such as the WattsOn-Mark II precision energy meter, which offers cutting edge metering accuracy, resolution and class leading performance for renewable, solar, energy management and OEM applications. This collaboration with Elkor Technologies offers greater value using cost effective solutions, which is key in kW Energy’s business strategy.

This strategic partnership comes as a vital and welcomed opportunity to grow kW Energy’s customer base and improve its business blueprint, firmly establishing kW Energy as a key service provider in the South African renewable energy sector.

About Elkor Technologies Inc.

Established in 1995, Elkor Technologies Inc. develops and manufactures power and load monitoring electronics for the Energy Management and Renewable Energy Industries.

Within a growing trend of energy awareness, Elkor has found a large demand for its products. From solar and wind generation applications to industrial and commercial building management to factory and equipment monitoring, Elkor products unique features and universality have allowed for efficient integration.

Elkor collaborates with equipment manufacturers and solutions providers allowing these companies to offer greater value using cost effective solutions. For more information please visit www.elkor.net.

Conceptualised in 2009 and fully established in 2014, kW Energy is a 68% black-owned and 56% black women-owned South African renewable energy company. kW Energy develops lasting small scale renewable energy projects and partners with credible original equipment manufacturers and service providers in the renewable energy space.


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