15 September 2016
Johannesburg, South Africa

kW Energy has recently announced its partnership with IDSUD Energies. A French-based emerging leader in the European energy market, IDSUD Energies, owner of the nheolis© brand, has designed an innovative range of small 3D wind turbines, the nheowind, and a range of autonomous outdoor lighting solutions, transforming wind and sun energies into public lighting, the nheolight. From the world-first 3D blade design, used on the nheowind 3D 100 CP, to applying fluid dynamics to small wind turbines, nheolis© products make wind energy more efficient and reliable than ever before and are at the pinnacle of multiple green energy technology advancements and transformations globally.

There is no denying the multiple ways in which green technology is feeding the ever-evolving energy landscape in South Africa. As at December 2015, the South African Energy department had procured 6 377 MW of renewable energy and has already connected 44 projects with a capacity of 2 021 MW to the national grid. This gives evidence of South Africa’s renewable energy sector as “a flagship public-private partnership model for SA and the rest of Africa” and well on track to achievingthe nation’s target of 17 800 MW of renewable energy power by 2030.

In application of kW Energy’s goal to be the most trusted, innovative and reliable small scale renewable energy provider in South Africa, as well as the recent IDSUD Energiesventure to look for innovative new companies, to boost the market for renewable energy production solutions, this partnership will see kW Energy as the exclusive distributor of the nheolis© product range, including the nheowind and nheolight solutions. Having contributed to more than 20 MW of installed wind and solar capacity in South Africa in 2015 alone, kW Energy, through this partnership, gets one step further in its commitment to turning Africa green, one kilowatt at a time!

About IDSUD Energies

nheolis© was incorporated in 2006 by Nordine Haddjeri, joined later by Marc Lassus (founder and former CEO of GEMPLUS), currently strategic advisor of nheolis©.

The brand invested 4.5 million Euros in research and development programs, to design a highperformance proximity wind turbine: nheowind. With a 3D blade technology, these wind turbines have many original benefits, such as: silence, robustness and productivity.

In December 2009, nheolis© has been awarded with the Gold EEP Award of the European Environmental Press for excellence in environmental innovation. In January 2014, IDSUD Energies acquired the nheolis© brand and its 3 international patents.

IDSUD Energies is an active member of AFPPE (French Association of Small Wind Professionals), Renewable UK (trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewables industries), AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) and EWEA (European Wind Energy Association). For more information please visit www.idsud-energies.com.

About kW Energy

Conceptualised in 2009 and fully established in 2014, kW Energy is a 68% black-owned and 56% black women-owned South African renewable energy company. kW Energy develops lasting small scale renewable energy projects and partners with credible original equipment manufacturers and service providers in the renewable energy space.


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