Our Expertise

kW Energy’s board of directors is composed of a balanced and complementary set of functional skills and industry expertise

With an extensive combined experience in the energy sector and with specialization in the fields of project development, engineering, procurement or finance, kW Energy is led by a board with the necessary competencies and expertise to design the company’s strategic direction that effectively meets its clients’ requirements through business best practices.


  • Functional expertise
    1. strategic and tactical support, business opportunity information to senior executives
    2. electrical engineering, project development
    3. public relations
    4. procurement processes, governance practices
    5. financial analysis and accounting
  • Industry expertise
    1. energy and power: thermal power and renewable energy
    2. African landscape: focus on Sub-Saharan Africa with broad knowledge of infrastructure development in the region, including geopolitical and regulatory issues
    3. public administration: facilitation of government policy implementation and design, public-private partnerships, international cooperation. international trade and investment, economic development