29 September 2015
Johannesburg, South Africa

kW Energy, a black-owned South African energy company, extends its portfolio of innovative small scale renewable energy technology by signing an agreement with American company Xzeres Wind. Under this agreement, kW Energy will represent Xzeres Wind in South Africa with the objective of growing Xzeres Wind’s impressive footprint globally. To date, Xzeres Wind has deployed over 9,000 turbines worldwide.

This agreement makes perfect sense for both companies as it suits their respective business models.

From kW Energy’s perspective, it is the continuation of their current business strategy, involving partnering with successful and reputable technology providers in the global energy sector.

For Xzeres Wind, manufacturer of the world renowned Skystream wind turbine, it is an exciting prospect as the South African wind power market has grown tremendously over the last five years – from 10 MW installed in 2011 to 1980 MW by the past financial close in 2015. The market remains relatively untapped with projections of about 6,000 MW to be installed by 2020.

Xzeres Wind has a durable and technologically advanced fleet of turbines that meets the power needs of farmers, business owners, school administrators, home owners, remote communities and telecom developers all over the world. With a track record of holding 9 US and International Patents, 19 US and International Trademarks and its Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology having been approved by 7 international certifications agencies, this is a testament of Xzeres Wind’s capabilities which should appeal to the South African end-users. Other noteworthy attributes of Xzeres Wind’s portfolio include best-in class power curve, low operation and maintenance costs, silent operation and web-based monitoring.

About Xzeres Wind

Xzeres Wind is a global renewable energy company. The company designs and manufactures on- and off-grid distributed wind turbine systems as well as energy efficiency solutions for commercial, light industrial and residential markets. XZERES products reduce energy costs and carbon footprints. Headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, the company’s international distribution network supports the deployment of its products in 110 countries and on all seven continents. For more information please visit www.xzeres.com.

About kW Energy

Conceptualised in 2009 and fully established in 2014, kW Energy is a 68% black-owned and 56% black women-owned South African renewable energy company. kW Energy develops lasting small scale renewable energy projects and partners with credible original equipment manufacturers and service providers in the renewable energy space.


For more information about kW Energy, please contact kW Energy:

Telephone number: 087 820 4721

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Email – info@kwenergy.co.za Website – www.kwenergy.co.za